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The journal is a continuation of Scientific Notebooks of Bialystok Technical University series Civil Engineering, issued in the years 1983-2009.

The journal accepts for publications papers and technical notes that describe original works or ideas on: Civil engineering, Environmental engineering, Environmental management. All the papers are reviewed by the independent reviewers. Besides, it publishes: reports of conferences and workshops, book reviews and advertising materials. All technical papers are open to written discussion.

Editor in chief: Katarzyna ZABIELSKA-ADAMSKA

V-ce editor in chief: Rafał MIŁASZEWSKI

Editorial Board

Scientific editor: Maria J. SULEWSKA

Statistical editor: Elżbieta GOŁˇBESKA

Technical secretary: Andrzej LEONCZUK

Editorial Office of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Bialystok University of Technology
Wiejska Street 45A
15-351 Bialystok
phone: +48 85 746 9575


Journal is published four times a year by Publishing House of Bialystok University of Technology.

Editorial Board of Civil and Environmental Engineering informs that print version of journal is the "main" version of the title (ISSN 2081-3279).