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Editorial and Publishing Policy

  1. Scientific journal "Budownictwo i In¿ynieria ¦rodowiska - Civil and Environmental Engineering" is published four times a year by the Publishing House of Bialystok University of Technology with at least 24 articles on average published annually.
  2. Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering bears the costs of publishing. However, the Rector of Bialystok University of Technology may decide to co-finance the journal from his/her reserves.
  3. The Journal covers topics of broadly understood range of scientific disciplines: civil engineering, environmental engineering and environmental development.
  4. Editor-in-chief (or his/her deputy) is responsible for an article's compliance with the journal's thematic scope.
  5. Articles shall be sent to the editorial board in electronic form (*. doc files and *. pdf files), as recommended in the Guidelines for Authors posted on the website of the journal
  6. The article should have a volume of 6-10 pages in specified format, and technical notes - up to 4 pages in specified format.
  7. Submitted manuscripts should be typewritten in Polish or English. The works written in Polish must include the title and abstract in English and in Polish. In case of works written in English, both the title and abstract shall be in English.
  8. In order to prevent instances of scientific misconduct in the form of ghost-writing1 and guest authorship2, the authors of submitted manuscripts are required to send the editorial board a statement on the contribution of individual authors in the preparation of the publication and on the source of its financing.
  9. A prerequisite for publication of the paper is its unambiguously positive assessment by two independent reviewers, employed by another entity than the authors of the assessed work. The reviewers are appointed by the Editor-in-chief (or his/her deputy). Reviews are compiled in accordance with Reviewing Procedure, on the journal's review forms.
  10. Editor-in-chief (or his/her deputy) may delegate their powers regarding the selection of the reviewers as well as verification of the author(s) compliance with any conditions stated in the Reviews to a member of Editorial Board or an appointed Section Editor.
  11. Statistical data included in the manuscript shall be verified by the statistical editor.
  12. The final decision as to the approval of the manuscript for print takes the Editor-in-chief.
  13. As a condition of publication of this article authors, in case of copyright protected texts, tables and drawings present in the paper they submit, are obliged to submit consent in writing signed by the copyright holder.
  14. If the submitted paper contains illustrations or other contents protected by copyright, authors are obliged to obtain prior consent in writing signed by the copyright holder to use it, to cover related costs and to make reference to the original source of the contents included.
  15. Editor-in-chief (or his/her deputy) may decide on the posting of the submitted to the Editors disputable matters or remarks concerning the articles printed in the journal . The journal can also contain book reviews, conference reports or advertising material.
  16. All printed articles and their summaries in English are posted on the website of the journal (

1 Ghost-writing is the case of contributing a publication without revealing one's participation as one of the authors or without reference to their role in the acknowledgments in the publication. Source: Ministry of Science and Higher Education
2 Guest authorship is the case of insignificant contribution of the author or its complete absence and nevertheless being the author or co-author of the publication